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We have the resources, services, support and training focused on growing same store sales year over year. We invest in you and support your future success.

Together we take your business to the next level.

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Speed, Scale & Simplicity
Our job is to make the complicated simple, to always find the easiest path from point A to point B, to do it as quickly as possible and to ensure our platform is highly scalable to support your growth. That’s our commitment to you. We’ve been doing it this way since 2001 and we don’t plan to change.
On-Site Training & Transition Assistance
We have a fully staffed Branch Relations Department that's only focus is making your transition and on-boarding a pleasant and smooth experience. We are dedicated to your branch from the beginning.
Referral Partner Support
Referral Sources are the lifeblood of our business. We provide turnkey opportunities to compliantly and continually develop new and existing referral source relationships!
All Star Marketing
Our Marketing Offering is one of the best in the industry. We have a team of award winning and seasoned Marketing, Creative and Social Media professionals who are 100% focused on Branch Marketing Support. Ask for a Marketing Services Presentation.
Sales Development & Training
With our loan originator sales training and development program, you’ll be sure you have no “accidental originators.” All your LOs will have a sales discipline with goals and an accountability system that will make your branch the envy of your market, with the very best LOs around!
Dashboard & Sales Analytics
Measure what you manage and manage what you measure. In business analytics “a picture is worth a thousand dollars”. Understand your business metrics with visual reporting and trend analysis to constantly have the data needed to optimize your branch performance!
Recruiting Support
Most managers dread the process of recruiting new LOs, yet it is an essential element of growth. We help you identify, recruit and retain the top LOs in your community.

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Lending Excellence

By consistently combining sound lending practices with a can-do, on-time, every time approach, we deliver a better lending experience.

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Customized Retail Mortgage Branching

AFN customizes branches based on local market needs. It’s all part of the AFN experience. Your Team + Our Team, Support and Resources = AFN Branching!

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